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National travel portal is an informational and educational project on travel in Vietnam and other countries around the world.

Our activities are aimed at creating a unified information resource in the field of tourism, providing accessible and complete information about travel opportunities.

We introduce the reader to more than thousands of attractions, which include historical and cultural heritage sites, natural monuments and protected areas, traditional crafts and famous Russian brands. We publish popular tourist routes, news, cognitive articles, announcements of events taking place in all corners of Russia, tell about the identity of each region, create special projects dedicated to the most important tourist destinations.

On our portal you can find out about upcoming events, find attractions nearby and build a route, as well as offer your own content.

The popularity of the portal is the result of several components. Firstly, it is extensive information base on all countries of the world, especially those that are popular among tourists. Site’s hotel catalog provides information on tens of thousands of hotels, it is constantly updated. But its main value is reviews of tourists who visited the hotels, which makes it easy to make an error-free choice. A huge number of reviews are daily posted in the database of travel agencies and airlines.

Thanks to the active participation of regular visitors the site is not only replenished with unique and high quality content, but also became a kind of travel club, where they come not with questions, but just to communicate with like-minded people