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Discover the Majestic Aircraft Carrier Docked in New York: A Traveler’s Guide

New York is known for its iconic landmarks, vibrant culture, and bustling city life. However, it is also a prominent destination for maritime enthusiasts and history buffs due to the frequent visits of naval vessels, including aircraft carriers. If you’re visiting New York and have an interest in naval history, you may be wondering which aircraft carrier is currently docked in the city. In this article, we will explore the aircraft carriers currently docked in New York and delve into their historical significance and attractions for visitors.

The USS Intrepid: A Living Museum of Naval Aviation

The USS Intrepid (CV-11) is the legendary aircraft carrier currently docked in New York. Now the centerpiece of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, the USS Intrepid has a rich history and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the world of naval aviation. Commissioned in 1943, the USS Intrepid played a pivotal role in World War II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War.
Today, the USS Intrepid is more than a static display. It has been transformed into a fascinating museum that offers visitors an immersive experience. The museum features a variety of exhibits, interactive displays, and educational programs that tell the story of the carrier and the brave men and women who served aboard. Visitors can explore the flight deck, hangar deck and various aircraft on display, including the A-12 Blackbird, Concorde and Space Shuttle Enterprise.

USS Intrepid Museum Highlights

When visiting the USS Intrepid, there are several highlights you won’t want to miss. One of the most impressive attractions is the Space Shuttle Pavilion, where you can get up close and personal with the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the prototype orbiter used for NASA’s shuttle program. This awe-inspiring exhibit allows visitors to learn about the history of space exploration and the technological marvels of the space shuttle program.
Another must-see is the Intrepid Museum’s collection of vintage aircraft. From legendary World War II fighters like the F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat to modern marvels like the F-14 Tomcat and A-6 Intruder, the museum’s aircraft collection offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of naval aviation. Visitors can even step inside some of the aircraft and experience what it was like for the pilots who flew them.

Visit the USS Intrepid Museum

The USS Intrepid Museum is conveniently located on the west side of Manhattan at Pier 86. It is easily accessible by public transportation, and there is parking nearby for those traveling by car. The museum is open year-round, with varying hours, so it’s a good idea to check their website or call ahead to plan your visit.

Admission to the museum includes access to all exhibits and activities. Guided tours are also available for an additional fee and provide an in-depth look at the history and significance of the USS Intrepid. The museum offers educational programs for students and families, making it an excellent destination for a field trip or a day of learning.


If you’re interested in naval history and aviation, a visit to the USS Intrepid Museum in New York is a must. The aircraft carrier, which served in numerous conflicts and played a major role in shaping world events, is now a living museum that offers a fascinating experience for visitors of all ages. From exploring the flight deck and hangar deck to marveling at vintage aircraft and the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the USS Intrepid Museum offers a unique glimpse into the world of naval aviation. If you’re in New York, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this remarkable maritime attraction.


What aircraft carrier is docked in NY?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I do not have information about the specific aircraft carrier docked in New York. The status of naval vessels, including aircraft carriers, can change frequently, so it’s best to consult the latest news or official sources for up-to-date information.

Where can I find information about the aircraft carrier currently docked in NY?

To find information about the aircraft carrier currently docked in New York, you can check with local news outlets, the official website of the U.S. Navy, or contact the relevant authorities such as the U.S. Naval Station New York or the U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

Are there any public tours available for the aircraft carrier docked in NY?

For information regarding public tours of the aircraft carrier docked in New York, it is recommended to contact the appropriate authorities or check the official website of the U.S. Navy. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information on whether public tours are available and how to arrange them.

What are the dimensions of a typical aircraft carrier?

A typical aircraft carrier can vary in size, but they are generally large vessels. The dimensions of an aircraft carrier can range from around 800 to over 1,000 feet in length, with a beam (width) of around 130 to 150 feet. The height from the keel to the top of the island structure can be approximately 20 to 25 stories or more, depending on the specific carrier class.

How many aircraft can an aircraft carrier carry?

The number of aircraft that an aircraft carrier can carry depends on its size, design, and purpose. Modern aircraft carriers can typically carry between 60 to 90 aircraft, including various types such as fighter jets, helicopters, and other support aircraft. The exact number can vary based on the carrier’s configuration and mission requirements.