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Exploring the N Subway Line: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Stops

Overview of the N subway line

The N subway line is a vital transportation link that serves millions of New Yorkers and visitors to the city. Operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the N Line is part of the New York City Subway System, one of the largest and busiest public transportation networks in the world. The N Line, also known as the Broadway Line, runs primarily through Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, connecting several major neighborhoods and landmarks along its route.

Stations and Stops

The N subway line has a total of 45 stations, providing convenient access to various destinations throughout New York City. From the north, the N line begins at the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard station in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. From there, it travels south through Queens, passing through notable stations such as Queensboro Plaza, 36th Avenue and Broadway.
As the N line enters Manhattan, it stops at busy stations such as Lexington Avenue/59th Street, 49th Street and Times Square-42nd Street. These stations offer convenient transfers to other subway lines, making it easier for travelers to reach their desired destinations throughout the city. Continuing south in Manhattan, the N line stops at 34th Street-Herald Square, 23rd Street and 14th Street-Union Square, providing access to popular areas such as Midtown, Chelsea and Greenwich Village.

In Brooklyn, the N line stops at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center, Pacific Street and 36th Street. These stations serve as major transit hubs, connecting with other subway lines and providing easy access to neighborhoods such as Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, and Sunset Park.

The southernmost point of the N line is the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station in Brooklyn. This iconic station is located near the famous Coney Island amusement park, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Service and Schedule

The N subway line operates seven days a week, providing 24-hour service along most of its route. During peak hours, trains typically run approximately every 5 to 10 minutes, providing passengers with a reliable and efficient commute. At off-peak times, trains may run at slightly reduced frequencies, but service remains frequent enough to meet the needs of travelers.

It’s important to note that the N train may occasionally experience service changes or disruptions due to maintenance, construction or unforeseen circumstances. The MTA will provide real-time service updates through multiple channels, including its website, mobile apps and station announcements. Passengers are encouraged to check for service advisories or changes before their trip to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Popular destinations and attractions

The N train provides access to many popular destinations and attractions in New York City. Here are some notable places that can be conveniently reached by taking the N train:

  1. Times Square: Located in the heart of Manhattan, Times Square is a vibrant and bustling area known for its dazzling billboards, Broadway theaters and lively atmosphere. The Times Square-42nd Street station on the N line is one of the main gateways to this iconic destination.

  2. Central Park: A sprawling green oasis in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. The N train stations at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue/59th Street provide easy access to the park’s southern entrance.

  3. Brooklyn Bridge: One of the most recognizable landmarks in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see for tourists. The Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station of the N line is within walking distance of the bridge, allowing visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline.

  4. Coney Island: Known for its lively boardwalk, amusement rides and beach attractions, Coney Island is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists. The Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station on the N line is just steps away from the excitement.

Tips for Riding the N Subway Line

To make your trip on the N subway more comfortable and enjoyable, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be aware of rush hour: During rush hour, trains on the N line can be crowded, especially in Manhattan. If possible, try to avoid traveling during these times for a more comfortable experience.

  2. Use express and local services wisely: The N line offers both express and local service, indicated by different train designations. Express trains skip certain stations, allowing for faster travel times. Be sure to listen to the train announcements and platform signs to make sure you get on the right train.

  3. Stay informed: As mentioned above, the MTA provides real-time service updates. Before you travel, check for any service changes or disruptions. In addition, consider using the MTA’s official website or mobile apps for real-time train schedules and arrival information.

  4. Plan your transfers: If you need to transfer to another subway line or mode of transportation, such as buses or ferries, plan your route in advance. Familiarize yourself with transfer points and the best stations to make your connections.

  5. Be considerate of others: The New York City subway system can be crowded, especially during rush hour. Be mindful of your fellow passengers and practice good subway etiquette. Give up your seat to those in need, keep personal belongings close to you, and avoid blocking doors or aisles.

By following these tips and taking advantage of the N subway’s extensive network, you can efficiently navigate New York City and explore its diverse neighborhoods.


Where does the N subway stop?

The N subway stops at various stations along its route. Here are some of the major stops:

What are the major stops on the N subway line?

The major stops on the N subway line include Times Square-42nd Street, Herald Square, Union Square, Canal Street, and Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue.

Does the N subway go to Brooklyn?

Yes, the N subway line serves parts of Brooklyn. It terminates at Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn.

Which boroughs does the N subway line serve?

The N subway line serves two boroughs in New York City, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Are there any transfer points to other subway lines along the N subway route?

Yes, there are transfer points to other subway lines along the N subway route. For example, you can transfer to the R, Q, W, B, D, F, M, and 7 lines at various stations.

What is the total length of the N subway line?

The N subway line spans approximately 45.4 miles (73.1 kilometers) in total length.