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Most frequent question - Booking

How do I reserve my tours?

Just complete and send the reservation form on our website, making sure that you have given us your e-mail address and phone number. As soon as we receive your request we will contact you to confirm the reservation. It is our policy to reply to all requests within 24 hours.

How to pay an online travel reservation ?

Please pay deposit to our paypal account:

How to request tour package in Vietnam ?

If you have plan for holiday in Vietnam and need to build your own itinerary by contact our team:

Which currency do we accept in your agency ?

We accept payment by USD or Vietnamese dong.

How can I change my money for my next holiday ?

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Most frequent question - Vietnam

Apply for your visa (if you’re staying longer than 15 days)

The Vietnamese don’t make it too easy for you to enter their country. In fact, if you’re exceeding 15 days here, the process is down right tedious, but it’s necessary nonetheless. Make sure you start this process a couple of weeks before you travel at the latest. Here’s what to do: 1. Apply for a letter of admission from the Vietnamese Embassy. There are various companies that you can apply through. I used and they sent me a letter within 2-3 days of application. This costs $17 USD 2. Once received, print the letter 3. Print the visa application form online and fill it out 4. Prepare recent x2 passport photos 5. Exchange some USD before you fly as this is the currency you have to pay for your visa with at the airport (a 30 day single entry visa costs $25) Make sure all of the above is in your hand luggage on arrival at the airport as the visa process comes before baggage collection.

Be prepared for Airport visa queues

And after all that, the process continues at the airport. The visa application queues in Vietnam are notoriously bad, and if you arrive at the back of the pack you could be waiting up to 3 hours on arrival in the airport. Imagine that after a long haul flight? TRAVELISTA TIP: Ensure your seats are at the front of the plane and when you step off the plane, do not stop for the toilet. Power walk (or run!) straight to the visa application desk and try to be the first there. After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is wait around any longer.

Check your travel vaccinations

If possible, book an appointment with your GP 6-8 weeks before you travel to find out which travel vaccinations you are due. There are a few new vaccinations on the market now which your GP may offer you, such as Japanese Encephilitus, but it doesn’t come cheap. Decide for yourself what you feel comfortable with but I would advise ensuring you’re covered for the basics at the very least.

Dollars vs Dong

You will need both US Dollars and Vietnamese Dong for travelling around Vietnam. US dollars are most commonly used for anything touristy e.g. booking a tour, booking domestic transport or paying for a hotel. Vietnamese Dong is most commonly used for more local enterprises e.g. restaurants, bars, shops and market stalls. You can withdraw Dong from an ATM on arrival but make sure you’re armed with USD to pay for that visa. If you have a choice between paying in Dong or Dollars, Dong usually works out cheaper.

Taxi Knowhow

There are official taxi companies in all major cities, all of which are dirt cheap and use a fair meter system. However, you’ll notice that many taxi drivers park up around tourist points of interest and try to give you a ride. Do not get in these taxis. We did this in Hanoi and the driver had rigged the meter to go up so ridiculously fast. If we hadn’t have taken a few rides prior to this we wouldn’t have noticed, but as soon as we noticed we jumped out straight away. It was only a minor scam but it’s not worth the risk. As a rule of thumb, always try to flag down an official city taxi. You won’t have to wait too long.

Vietnam Packing list

US dollars Visa Documents Waterproof jacket Pashmina Rucksack / day bag Light weight trousers Mosquito repellent (50% deet and above) After-bite Dry bag (for water sports activities) Travel wash (for freshening up your clothes) Mini first aid kit Comfortable sandals / trainers A Vietnam travel guide


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