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How many Samoans live in the US?

200,000 peopleover 200,000 people of Samoan descent living in the United States, including those of partial ancestry, which is roughly the population of the Independent State of Samoa, as of 2019.

What percent of the US is Samoan?

Native Hawaiians were the largest Pacific Islander group, representing 37 percent of the population. They were followed by Samoans at 23 percent. Figure 1.

How many full Samoans are left?


Total population
c. 650,000-700,000
Regions with significant populations
United States 204,600
Samoa c. 202,506

Can I live in American Samoa as a US citizen?

Federal citizenship controversy (1960–present)

Despite changes in local ordinances, American Samoans do not have full protection of their constitutional rights, though they may reside in the United States and gain entry without a visa.

What is the average size of a Samoan man?

The average height and weight of American Samoan men – 177cm (5′9) and 103.2 kilograms (227 lbs).

Why do so many Samoans live in Alaska?

Families were drawn north by the economic opportunities, Hansen said. They heard about the plentiful fishing and the fresh, cool air – especially good for the elders. By 1990, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Alaska’s Pacific Islander population totaled around 1,900. Over the next 10 years, that number doubled.

Why did the US want American Samoa?

The loss of these islands would have effectively cut off communications between the west coast of the United States and Australia. The Samoa islands played an important role by protecting these trade routes and to safeguard communication links to the south.

Can I move to American Samoa?

Citizens of the United States can live, work and travel indefinitely while in American Samoa.

Do American Samoa pay taxes?

Unlike citizens of other U.S. territories who are U.S. citizens, American Samoans are U.S. nationals. However, neither citizens nor nationals of U.S. territories vote in Federal elections and pay Federal taxes.

Can you buy land in American Samoa?

In American Samoa, there are two distinct components to governance: the traditional chiefly system, the Fa’amatai, and communal lands, where land ownership is held by families. Acquiring land in American Samoa also requires people to be at least 50 percent Samoan.

How much does it cost to build a house in American Samoa?

According to a FEMA disaster housing strategy document developed in late 2009, the Development Bank of American Samoa loans applicants approximately $40,000 to build a 2 bedroom home and approximately $60,000 for a 3 bedroom home.

What country owns American Samoa?

the United States

American Samoa is an unincorporated and unorganized territory of the United States, administered by the Office of Insular Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior.

Can I buy a house in American Samoa?

Over 90 percent of American Samoa’s total land area is “customary land,” communally owned by families or clans and passed on from generation to generation. The existing law on land tenure prohibits the transfer of land ownership, except freehold land, to any person whose blood is less than one-half Samoan.

How much is a house in Samoa?

Property Prices in Samoa

Rent Per Month Edit
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 2,500.00WST
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,800.00WST
Buy Apartment Price Edit
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 4,114.16WST

Is American Samoa expensive to live?

The cost of housing in Pago Pago is more expensive than the United States average and earns a score of 2 out of 10. A cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest.

Is land free in Samoa?

(4) Public land means land vested in Samoa being land that is free from customary title and from any estate in fee simple. The 1960 Constitution formally came into effect when Samoa gained independence from New Zealand on the 1 January 1962.

Do people have bills in Samoa?

The bills are viewed by some as undermining human rights and the rule of law, and are the subject of significant controversy in Samoa. The bills were passed on .

How much land in Samoa is customary?

In Samoa, more than 80 per cent of land is held under customary ownership. Customary land is protected by the Constitution for the ‘customs and usage’ of the people of Samoa and is held in the name of a particular titleholder (matai) who has authority (pule) over the land.

What is the population of the Samoan islands?

approximately 250,000

The population of the Samoan Islands is approximately 250,000. The inhabitants have in common the Samoan language, a culture known as fa’a Samoa, and an indigenous form of governance called fa’amatai. Samoans are one of the largest Polynesian populations in the world, and most are of exclusively Samoan ancestry.

Is Samoa a poor country?

Poverty in Samoa is very different compared to poverty in a lot of other countries because Samoa has one of the most stable and healthy economies in the Pacific Region. Poverty is more prevalently seen in the rural communities of Samoa.

Is American Samoa same as Samoa?

At the turn of the 20th century, the Samoan islands were split into two sections. The eastern islands became territories of the United States in 1904 and today are known as American Samoa. The western islands became known as Western Samoa (now just Samoa), passing from German control to New Zealand in 1914.

Where is American Samoa in relation to Hawaii?

It lies about 1,600 miles (2,600 km) northeast of New Zealand and 2,200 miles (3,500 km) southwest of the U.S. state of Hawaii. American Samoa Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

What is a traditional Samoan tattoo?

The traditional female tattoo in Samoa is the malu. In Samoan society, the pe’a and the malu are viewed with cultural pride and identity as well as a hallmark of manhood and womanhood. Pe’a is the traditional tattoo design for men that spans from the waist to the knee.