Top Travel Questions – Answered

How old do you have to be to drive a MTA bus?

18 years of ageAge Requirements New York State bus drivers must be 18 years of age.

What is top pay for MTA bus driver?

The middle 57% of Mta Bus Drivers makes between $36,680 and $75,421, with the top 86% making $153,474.

How do I become a school bus driver in NY?

In order to operate a school bus in the state of New York, you must first acquire a commercial operator’s license. You can apply for this at your local DMV operation, and will be a series of written and driven tests similar to that of your regular license.

What is the difference between MaBSTOA and MTA?

MaBSTOA, a subsidiary of Transit, operates buses in upper Manhattan and the Bronx. MTA Bus, a subsidiary of the MTA, provides bus services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

What is MaBSTOA?

The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA), a subsidiary of Transit, operates buses in upper Manhattan and the Bronx. The MTA Bus Company (MTA Bus), a subsidiary of the MTA, provides bus services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Is the NYC MTA privately owned?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a public benefit corporation responsible for public transportation in the New York City metropolitan area of the U.S. state of New York.

Who owns the NYC subway?

the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA)

Since 1968, the subway has been controlled by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). The system now has 26 lines and 472 stations in operation; the longest line, the 8th Avenue “A” Express train, stretches more than 32 miles, from the northern tip of Manhattan to the far southeast corner of Queens.

Who controls the MTA in NYC?

The MTA is governed by a 21-member Board. Members are nominated by the Governor, with four recommended by New York City’s mayor and one each by the county executives of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Putnam counties (the members representing the latter four cast one collective vote).

How much does the NYC subway make?

In total, the MTA will take in $16.725 billion in 2019. The MTA’s largest funding source is revenue we collect from customers. 50% of our revenue come from tolls (money paid crossing bridges and tunnels) and Farebox Revenue (money paid to ride subways, buses, and trains).

Is MTA only in NY?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is North America’s largest transportation network, serving a population of 15.3 million people across a 5,000-square-mile travel area surrounding New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut.

What does MTA stand for?


Acronym Definition
MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York, NY, USA)
MTA Mail Transfer Agent (Internet E-Mail)
MTA Mount Allison University
MTA Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

What does MTA stand for dyslexia?

LISD uses the MTA or Multisensory Teaching Approach program for our students. It is a comprehensive program in reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, and alphabet and dictionary skills.

What does ATM stand for?

automated teller machine

An ATM, which stands for automated teller machine, is a specialized computer that makes it convenient to manage a bank account holder’s funds.

Do MTA gift vouchers expire?

MTA vouchers come in printed paper and do not have an expiry date (but do need to be spent on a single transaction).

Can MTA vouchers be used for petrol?

With MTA Gift Vouchers, you can buy almost any product or service offered by any one of almost over 3,500 MTA members nationwide. From chocolates to seat covers or from milk to magazines, and of course petrol and vehicle servicing, there’s something for everyone to buy with their MTA Gift Vouchers.

Does AA sell MTA vouchers?

My $50 MTA Gift Voucher | AA New Zealand.

What stores accept MTA vouchers?


  • Caltex Bayfair. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Bishopdale. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Blenheim. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Blenheim Road. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Bombay. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Bridge Street. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Browns Bay. View on Google map. …
  • Caltex Capricorn. View on Google map.

Can you buy gift cards with Afterpay NZ?

Gift Cards from Afterpay are only available to Pulse Loyalty Members that reach Platinum or Mint status. Will I get a physical card? The e-Gift Cards are supplied online, if you wish to have a physical copy you can print the e-Gift Card.

Can you buy petrol vouchers in NZ?

They’re available at most Z service stations and come in $20, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100 and $150 denominations. Each card is valid for 24 months from the date it’s purchased.

Can you buy a gift card for petrol?

Q. What is Fuel Gift Card? A. The Fuel Gift Card is a prepaid debit card (NOT a credit card!) that can be used at any manned fuel station where VISA is accepted.

What is Ampol cash?

Whether you need to fill up fast, grab a meal on the go, or want to reward a family member, friend, or colleague, AmpolCash is the pre-paid gift card that makes it easy. $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 amounts available instore. The AmpolCash physical gift card is accepted across our entire network.

Can you spend One4all in Morrisons?

Here are some features of the One4all Gift Card: Multi-store gift card, accepted in a wide range of retail outlets. Convenient and flexible to purchase. Available to buy online or in Post Offices, Tesco, Morrisons or Co-op.