Top Travel Questions – Answered

How tall is the Ballard Bridge?

Built in 1917, it has an opening span of 218 ft (66 m) and a total length of 2,854 ft (870 m).

Ballard Bridge
Maintained by Seattle Department of Transportation
Heritage status NRHP
Total length 2,854 ft (870 m)

What is the highest bridge in Seattle?

High Steel Bridge

High Steel Bridge
Just three miles north of Vance Creek. At a height of 420′ is High Steel Bridge, the highest bridge in the state.

What lives below the Fremont Bridge in Seattle?

The Troll was sculpted by four local artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead. The idea of a troll living under a bridge is derived from the Scandinavian (Norwegian) folklore. The artists have copyright to the Troll images.

How high is the Fremont Bridge Seattle?

The Fremont Bridge had the longest bascule span of the three, at 242 feet. It also was the lowest; when its two cantilevered sections are in their down position to accommodate street traffic they are only 30 feet above the water.

What is the tallest bridge in the world?

Millau Viaduct

Surpassing even the mighty Eiffel Tower in height, France’s Millau Viaduct holds the current title of the tallest bridge in the world. Rising up to 343 metres, the bridge opened in 2004 and straddles the Tarn Valley between Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers and Narbonne.

What is the longest floating bridge in the world?

The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Longest floating bridge. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge measures 2,349.55 m (7,708.49 ft) and connects Seattle to Bellevue, both cities in Washington State, USA.

Is 520 a floating bridge?

At 7,710 feet long, the new SR 520 floating bridge is the longest floating bridge in the world.

How tall is the Lake Union bridge?

The Aurora Bridge is owned and operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation. It is 2,945 ft (898 m) long, 70 ft (21 m) wide, and 167 ft (51 m) above the water.

Aurora Bridge
Coordinates 47°38′47″N 122°20′50″W
Carries SR 99 (Aurora Avenue North)
Crosses Lake Union
Locale Seattle, Washington, U.S.

How many drawbridges are in Seattle?

Waterways are the lifeblood of Seattle. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) operates and maintains over 149 bridges throughout the city, including four movable bridges. Three of these are drawbridges, known as bascule bridges: Ballard Bridge, Fremont Bridge, and University Bridge.

Is there a floating bridge in Seattle?

Murrow Memorial Bridge is a floating bridge in the Seattle metropolitan area of the U.S. state of Washington. It is one of the Interstate 90 floating bridges that carries the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 across Lake Washington from Seattle to Mercer Island.

Who built the 520 bridge?


To Build a Bridge
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) contracted with Kiewit/General/Manson (KGM), a joint venture, to build the bridge at a price of $586.6 million.

How long is the Lacey V Murrow Bridge?

A new Lacey V. Murrow Bridge will open the following summer. The floating bridge, designed by the engineer Homer Hadley (1885-1967), opened on July 2, 1940, to public acclaim and amazement. Many people thought that a concrete structure of this size (1.25 miles long) could never float, let alone handle traffic.

Where is the moving bridge in the ocean?

Riding the waves: Daredevils leap over breakers as they send huge ripples along floating bridge at beach resort. This is the bizarre moment thrill-seekers jump over giant waves as they run along a floating bridge. The footage was captured by visitors at the Maliah Beach Club in Zorritos de Tumbes, Peru.

Where is Malia Beach Club bridge?

This is the bizarre moment people were forced to jump over a series of giant waves as they rippled along a floating bridge. The footage was captured by visitors at the Maliah Beach Club in Zorritos de Tumbes, Peru.

Where is the bridge that moves with the waves?

Construction began in September 1938. From the time the deck was built, it began to move vertically in windy conditions, so construction workers nicknamed the bridge Galloping Gertie.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Longest span 2,800 feet (853.4 m)
Clearance below 195 feet (59.4 m)
Opened July 1, 1940

What is a pontoon bridge made of?

Pontoon bridge

U.S. Army troops cross the Rhine on a heavy pontoon bridge, March 1945
Carries Pedestrian, automobile, truck
Span range Short to long
Material Various: steel, concrete, boats, barrels, plastic floats, appropriate decking material
Movable Generally not, but may have movable sections for watercraft passage

Whats the difference between a pier and a dock?

In general, we Americans view piers and docks as the same thing. Yet, many professional seafarers see things differently. To them, a dock is where you tie up your boats, while a pier is a transitional structure between water and land. In other words, a dock is like a parking lot, while a pier is like a sidewalk.

What is jetty in port?

A jetty is a sort of pier sticking out either to provide shelter for shipping, or short term mooring in deep water for ships that cannot approach the shore – such as liners and oil tankers. Can also be smaller and for ferry connections, etc.

Are jetty and dock the same thing?

As verbs the difference between dock and jetty

is that dock is to cut off a section of an animal’s tail or dock can be to land at a harbour while jetty is (obsolete|intransitive) to jut out; to project.

Is a quay a dock?

However, in British English, a dock is an enclosed area of water in a port used for unloading, loading, repair, or building ships. A quay is a platform constructed using concrete, stone, or metal along a riverbank or coastline to allow ships to dock parallel to the shore.

What is parking a ship called?

But if you want to use berth as a verb, you better be talking about parking a boat: to berth means to moor or dock a ship. The parking spot itself also happens to be called a berth.

What is the difference between port and harbor?

A harbor is any sheltered body of water where boats or ships may moor or anchor. A port is an installation that has been built around a harbor with facilities for loading and unloading such vessels. Ordinarily a harbor, either natural or man-made, must exist before a port facility can be set up.

What do you mean by Marina?

Marina comes straight from Latin, where it means simply “of the sea“.

What is the root word of Marine?

marine (adj.)

mid-15c., “found in or pertaining to the sea,” from Old French marin “of the sea, maritime,” and directly from Latin marinus “of the sea,” from mare “sea, the sea, seawater,” from PIE root *mori- “body of water.” The Old English word was sælic.

What is the difference between a Marine and a marina?

The word marine, which means “pertaining to the sea,” can help you remember that a marina is a place where boats dock. The Latin root of both is mare, “the sea.”

What is it called when a ship comes into port?

dock. verb. if a ship docks, it arrives at a dock.

Where are yachts parked?

A marina (from Spanish [maˈɾina], Portuguese [mɐˈɾinɐ] and Italian [maˈriːna]: marina, “coast” or “shore”) is a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina differs from a port in that a marina does not handle large passenger ships or cargo from freighters.