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Mastering Spanish Time: How to Say 1/10 in Spanish

How to say the time 1/10 in Spanish

When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or communicating with Spanish speakers, it is important to be able to express time accurately. In this article, we will explore how to say the time 1/10 in Spanish. Spanish has a unique way of expressing time that differs from English, so understanding the correct terminology is essential for effective communication. Let’s look at the different ways to express 1/10th of an hour in Spanish.

1. La una y diez

The most common way to express 1/10th of an hour in Spanish is with the phrase “la una y diez”. Literally translated it means “one and ten”. This expression is used when the hour is one o’clock and we want to indicate that ten minutes have passed. For example, if it is 1:10 in the afternoon, you would say “la una y diez de la tarde.

It is worth noting that in Spanish, the definite article “la” is used before the hour when it is one o’clock. This is different from English, where we omit the article. Remembering to use “la” before “una” is crucial for accurate time expression.

2. La una y cuarto menos cincuenta

Another way to express 1/10 in Spanish is with the phrase “la una y cuarto menos cincuenta”. This expression is appropriate when you want to say that it’s ten minutes to two. In English, this would be the same as saying “ten minutes to two”. In Spanish, however, phrases are structured differently.

The phrase “la una y cuarto menos cincuenta” literally translates to “one and a quarter minus fifty. The “cuarto” refers to a quarter of an hour, which is fifteen minutes. By saying that it is “menos cincuenta” or “minus fifty”, we are subtracting fifty minutes from the next hour, which in this case is two o’clock.

3. Diez minutos después de la una

If you prefer a simpler way to express 1/10 time in Spanish, you can use the phrase “diez minutos después de la una”. This translates to “ten minutes after one” in English. This expression is widely understood and effectively conveys that it’s ten minutes past one.

Using this phrase allows you to express the time in a simpler way, without the need for complex calculations or additional terms. It is often used in casual conversation and is appropriate for most situations.

4. La una en punto y diez minutos

If it is exactly 1:10, you can say “la una en punto y diez minutos” to indicate the exact time. This phrase translates to “one o’clock sharp and ten minutes”. It emphasizes that it is exactly ten minutes past one and leaves no room for ambiguity.

Using “en punto” is a common way to express the exact hour without any minutes, while adding “y” followed by the number of minutes clarifies the additional time that has elapsed. This expression is particularly useful when precision is required, such as catching a train or attending a scheduled meeting.

5. Las trece y diez

It’s important to note that in Spanish-speaking countries that use the 24-hour clock format, the time 1/10 can be expressed differently. For example, in countries like Spain where the 24-hour clock is prevalent, 1:10 is expressed as “las trece y diez”.

In this case, “las trece” represents the thirteenth hour, which is one o’clock in the 24-hour format. The phrase “y diez” is added to indicate that it is ten minutes after the hour. This format is commonly used in schedules, timetables, and official settings, so being familiar with it can be beneficial when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries that use this convention.
Mastering the correct expressions for telling time in Spanish demonstrates your language skills and cultural awareness. Incorporating these phrases into your vocabulary will enhance your ability to communicate effectively and make your travel experience more enjoyable. Remember to practice these expressions to become comfortable using them in real-life situations. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


How do you say the time 1/10 in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice la hora 1/10 en español?

What is the Spanish word for 1/10?

El término en español para 1/10 es “un décimo”.

How do you express the time 1/10 in spoken Spanish?

En español hablado, se dice “la una y diezavo” para representar la hora 1/10.

Can you provide an example of saying 1/10 in Spanish in a sentence?

Sí, por supuesto. Un ejemplo de cómo decir 1/10 en una oración en español sería: “Son las dos menos veinte, es decir, la una y diezavo”.

Are there any alternative ways to express 1/10 in Spanish?

Sí, en algunos países hispanohablantes también se utiliza la expresión “la una con diez” para indicar la hora 1/10.