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Unlocking the Norwegian Air Flight Schedule: How Far in Advance Can You Plan Your Travel?

How far in advance does Norwegian Air release flights?

Norwegian Air, a prominent low-cost airline based in Norway, is known for its low fares and extensive route network. If you’re planning to travel with Norwegian Air, it’s important to know how far in advance the airline releases its flights. Knowing this information will allow you to make informed decisions about your travel plans and potentially secure the best deals. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Norwegian Air’s flight release schedule and provide you with valuable insights to enhance your travel experience.

Norwegian Air flight release timeline

Norwegian Air generally follows a structured release timeline for its flights. The airline typically releases its flight schedules approximately one year in advance. This means that you can start browsing and booking flights for a particular date approximately 11 to 12 months before your planned departure. By releasing flights well in advance, Norwegian Air aims to provide customers with ample time to plan their travel, secure desired fare options and make necessary arrangements.
It’s important to note that while Norwegian Air announces flights approximately one year in advance, the availability of specific routes and frequencies may vary. The airline continually evaluates its network and adjusts schedules based on market demand, seasonal factors and operational considerations. It’s a good idea to check Norwegian Air’s website or subscribe to its newsletter for the latest information on flight releases and schedules.

Booking Strategies for Early Release Flights

Securing flights as soon as they become available can offer several advantages. Here are some strategies to consider when booking early release flights with Norwegian Air:

  1. Plan ahead: By monitoring the release timeline and marking important dates on your calendar, you can be prepared to book your desired flights as soon as they become available. This is especially important if you have specific travel dates or if you’re targeting popular routes during peak travel seasons.

  2. Flexibility: If you have some flexibility in your travel plans, you may find better deals or more convenient flight options by considering different departure dates or nearby airports. Being open to slight adjustments can increase your chances of securing the most suitable flights at competitive prices.

  3. Fare comparison: Once Norwegian Air releases its flights, it’s a good idea to compare fares on different travel platforms or use flight aggregators. This will allow you to see any price variations and find the best deals available. Remember to consider additional factors such as baggage allowance, seat selection fees and other services included in the fare when comparing prices.

  4. Loyalty programs: If you are a frequent flyer with Norwegian Air, you may qualify for exclusive benefits by enrolling in the Norwegian Reward loyalty program. Members of the program can enjoy benefits such as early access to flight releases, discounted fares and the ability to earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades and other services.

Exceptions and Special Circumstances

While Norwegian Air typically follows a one year advance flight release schedule, it’s important to note that certain circumstances or events may result in deviations from this norm. Factors such as changes in market conditions, global events, operational challenges or unforeseen circumstances may affect flight release schedules. In such cases, the airline may adjust its release schedule or introduce additional flights to accommodate fluctuations in demand.

It’s important to note that Norwegian Air also offers additional services such as charter flights, group bookings and vacation packages. These services may have separate release schedules and booking procedures. If you’re planning to travel as a group or require special services, we recommend that you contact Norwegian Air directly or visit their website for specific information on these offerings.


Understanding how far in advance Norwegian Air releases flights is essential for travelers seeking affordable fares and convenient travel options. With a typical release period of approximately one year, Norwegian Air provides customers with ample time to plan and book their flights. By following the strategies above and staying up to date on the latest releases, you can maximize your chances of securing the flights that best suit your travel needs. Remember to consider any exceptions or special circumstances that may affect the release schedule and always check the Norwegian Air website or contact customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


How far in advance do Norwegian Air release flights?

Norwegian Air typically releases flights for booking up to 12 months in advance. However, it’s important to note that the exact release dates may vary and are subject to change based on various factors such as market demand and scheduling considerations.

Are there any specific patterns or trends in Norwegian Air’s flight release schedule?

While Norwegian Air does not follow a fixed pattern for releasing flights, they generally release flights in batches throughout the year. It’s common for popular routes and peak travel seasons to be released earlier, while other routes and off-peak periods may be released later.

Can I sign up for notifications to be alerted when Norwegian Air releases flights?

Yes, Norwegian Air provides an option to sign up for email notifications or subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on flight releases and other travel-related information. This can be a convenient way to stay informed about the latest flight offerings and promotions.

Is it advisable to book Norwegian Air flights as soon as they are released?

Booking Norwegian Air flights as soon as they are released can be a good strategy, especially if you have specific travel dates or preferences. Early bookings often provide more availability and better prices. However, it’s important to compare prices and consider factors like flexibility and cancellation policies before making your final decision.

What if I need to book a flight that is more than 12 months in advance?

If you need to book a flight that is more than 12 months in advance, you may need to wait until the desired travel dates fall within the 12-month booking window. Norwegian Air’s flight schedule is typically available up to a year ahead, so you can plan accordingly and book when the flights become available for your desired travel period.