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What are the 9 lines?

9 Line is a military term that Medevacs use for calling in a combat injury. Because it is such a stressful and sometimes hectic situation, 9 line is the best way to calmly and accurately report that a soldier needs medical attention.

How do you memorize the 9 line medevac?

“Low Flying Pilots Eat Tacos,” for example, is a great mnemonic for remembering the first 5 lines of your 9-line medevac. “Sergeant Major Eats Sugar Cookies” is a great one for trying to remember your operation orders.

Why is 9 line called 9 line?

Brothers, Connecticut Yankees, and Army officers Daniel and Tyler Merritt started their company in a garage over three years ago. They named it Nine Line Apparel, after the code name for an emergency medevac request, often the difference between life and death for the severely wounded.

How do you call a 9 Line Marine Corps?

What Is the Format of A 9 Line Medevac?

  1. Line 1: Location of pick-up site.
  2. Line 2: Radio frequency.
  3. Line 3: # of Patients by precedence.
  4. Line 4: Equipment.
  5. Line 5: Total # of patients.
  6. Line 6: Security at pick-up site.
  7. Line 7: Method of marking pick-up location.
  8. Line 8: Patient nationality.

What is a 9 line USMC?

A nine-line CASEVAC request is a standard format used by the Armed Forces for coordinating the evacuation of casualties. CASEVAC request transmissions should be by the most direct communication means available to the medical unit controlling evacuation assets.

What does Nine Line represent?

In the military, a Nine Line is a medevac request for a soldier that is injured on the battlefield. To soldiers, a Nine Line symbolizes patriotism, hope, and trust in one’s countrymen.

Where is Nine Line based?

Savannah, GA

Company Description: Nine Line Apparel, Inc. is located in Savannah, GA, United States and is part of the Clothing Stores Industry.

What is a zap number USMC?

A Zap number is a personal identification number used by operational troops using the first 2 letters of your surname, the last 4 of your army number and your blood group. As these are highly individual items, please call the office to place your order.

What is a Spotrep USMC?

Use to send information to provide timely intelligence or status regarding events that could have an immediate and significant effect on current planning and operations. Reference: FM 17-15, FM 17-98, and FM 7-7.

What is a Salta report?

STUDY. S. Situation of Ally or Foe. Enemy size.

What is a lace report?

“L.A.C.E. reports is an acronym. It stands for Liquid, Ammo, Casualty, and Equipment. So, we have to make sure you’re topped off on water. We have to make sure we have enough ammo or if it was wasted, if you did or did not shoot.

What is Draw D?

The Capabilities/Limitations section answers the question, “What can the Enemy do?” An acronym used to describe the enemy’s capabilities is DRAW-D, which stands for Defend, Reinforce, Attack, Withdraw, and Delay.

What is Opord army?

An operation order (OPORD) is a directive issued by the leader to his subordinate leaders in order to effect the coordinated execution of a specific operation. A five-paragraph format is used to organize the briefing, to ensure completeness, and to help subordinate leaders understand and follow the order.

How do you write a Warnord?

A warning order is brief but complete. The warning order follows the same basic structure as an operations order. It should include the situation, mission, execution, service and support, and command and signal.

How do you write Frago in the army?

detail provided.

  1. Use standard military terminology.
  2. Issue the FRAGO in the same sequence as the OPORD. Use all five paragraph headings as. shown in the following example.
  3. Issued a FRAGO.
  4. Used standard military terminology.
  5. Included all changes to original OPORD.

How do you write warno?

Write the WARNO number on the top left side of the document. If this is your first WARNO, type “WARNO 1.” If it is your eighth WARNO, type “WARNO 8.” Hit enter twice and type “References” followed by a colon. Fill in your references for the WARNO.

What is an army warno?

1. A warning order is “a preliminary notice of an order or action which is to follow.” It is issued by the commander at the outset of receipt of an order from higher. The warning order is issued prior to beginning the planning process in order to allow subordinate leaders and units to maximize their preparation time.

What Frago 5?

The U.S. Army has released FRAGO 5 which provides detailed instructions on how to field the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) a revolutionary new pay, personnel and talent management system that is coming to all three components in 2021.

What does Frago mean in Spanish?

frago [m] SV drug. marijuana cigarette. 2. Colloquial.

What is Warnord?

A warning order (WARNORD or WARNO) informs units that an OPORD may be forthcoming. Time and circumstances permitting, a WARNORD is issued to subordinate leaders immediately after receipt of the unit’s mission from higher.

What is the difference between a warno and Opord?

A Warning Order is in a similar format to an OPORD. They are never a complete plan. Instead, the information on hand is shared at the earliest convenience, while higher headquarters finalizes their plan and finishes the OPORD. A Warning Order does NOT authorize execution of the mission.

What are the 8 TLPs?

There are eight TLP steps:

  • Receive the mission.
  • Issue a warning order.
  • Make a tentative plan.
  • Initiate movement.
  • Conduct reconnaissance.
  • Complete the plan.
  • Issue the complete order.
  • Supervise and refine.

What is the difference between an Opord and an Exord?

An OPLAN is executed when the commander issues an operations order (OPORD), or when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) issues an execute order (EXORD) at the direction of the United States Secretary of Defense (Secdef) to implement a decision by the President to initiate military operations.