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What country in Monsoon Asia has the highest population density?


Term Which of the 24 independent countries of Monsoon Asia has the largest population? Definition China
Term Which of the 24 independent countries of Monsoon Asia has the highest population density? Definition Singapore

What is the most populated city in monsoon Asia?


Rank Area Metro Population (2017 est.)
1 Tokyo 40,400,000
2 Jakarta 11,300,000
3 Delhi 30,300,000
4 Mumbai 25,100,000

What is the second most populated country in monsoon Asia?


Rank Country (or dependent territory) Source
1 China Annual national estimate
2 India Official estimate
3 Indonesia Official estimate
4 Pakistan UN Projection

Is monsoon Asia densely populated?

From Table 1 it is at once clear that Monsoon Asia is a region with an extremely high population density, with some 3.4 billion people or 53% of the world population in only a little more than 10% of the world total land area.

Why is monsoon Asia densely population?

The main cause for seasonal Climate is the differential rate of heating of land and sea. Due to the favourable conditions offered by tropical monsoon climate, there is dense population in these regions.

Which part of Asia is densely populated Why?

South Asia is the most densely populated, with a regional average of some 311 persons per square kilometer. Bangladesh (888.0) and Sri Lanka (266) are the most densely populated within this sub-region.

Which part of Asia is densely populated and which one is thinly populated Why?

There are highly populated countries in the Asia like China,India etc. But,most of the western and south-western parts of the Asia are very sparsely populated. Because, 1) Rough weather and geographical conditions.

What are the most densely populated areas of Asia?

Macao had the highest population density in 2020 with approximately 19.7 thousand people per square kilometer. In comparison, there were approximately 2 inhabitants per square kilometer living in Mongolia in that year.

Which part of Asia is least densely populated?

The continent is known for its large and dense settlements and also large areas of extremely low population density.
The 10 Least Populated Countries In Asia.

Rank Country Population (2017), World Factbook
1 Maldives 392,709
2 Brunei Darussalam 443,593
3 Bhutan 758,288
4 Timor-Leste 1,291,358

Which part of South Asia has the lowest population density?

On the other hand, the least densely populated country in South Asia is the Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan has a population density of only fifty people per square mile.

Which country has the densest population in Asia?

Bangladesh has an estimated population of 163 million people according to the 2016 UN data. It is the eighth most populous country in the world and the most densely populated large country. The population of Bangladesh accounts for 3.63 of the total Asian population.

Which country in South Asia has the highest population?

The top 10 most populous countries in Asia are:

  • China, 1.37 billion.
  • India, 1.299 billion.
  • Indonesia, 255.46 million.
  • Pakistan, 191.78 million.
  • Bangladesh, 158.76 million.
  • Japan, 126.89 million.
  • The Philippines, 102.96 million.
  • Vietnam, 91.81 million.

Which country has the highest population density?

Of the larger countries1, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India. It’s followed by Lebanon (595), South Korea (528), the Netherlands (508) and Rwanda (495 per km2) completing the top five.

What are the 5 most densely populated countries?

Here are the 10 most densely populated countries in the world:

  • Monaco – 19083.37/km. …
  • Singapore – 7953/km. …
  • Bahrain – 2012.1/km. …
  • Maldives – 1718.99/km. …
  • Malta – 1514.47/km. …
  • Bangladesh – 1239.58/km. …
  • Palestine – 759/km. …
  • Lebanon – 669.49/km.

Which population has the highest density lowest density?

Monaco has the Highest Population Density in the world with 16,620 individuals according to square kilometre. The united states with the bottom population density is Greenland, which has simplest 0.03 men and women per rectangular kilometre.

Which country is No 1 in world?


For the first time, Canada takes the top overall spot as the number one country in the world in the 2021 Best Countries Report. After ranking second in 2020, Canada has surpassed Switzerland in the 2021 report followed by Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.

Which country has most beautiful girls?

Women of These Countries are the Most Beautiful in the World

  • Turkey. Meryem Uzerli, Actress. …
  • Brazil. Alinne Moraes, Actress. …
  • France. Louise Bourgoin, TV Actor Model. …
  • Russia. Maria Sharapova, Tennis Player. …
  • Italy. Monica Bellucci, Model. …
  • India. Priyanka Chopra, Actor & Model. …
  • Ukraine. …
  • Venezuela.

What is the best country to live in 2021?

Finland has been named as the #1 country in the world in 2021 for Quality of Life, according to the CEOWORLD magazine 2021 report, while Denmark and Norway placed second and third, respectively.
The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, 2021.

Rank Country Score
1 Finland 99.06
2 Denmark 98.13
3 Norway 96.75
4 Belgium 96.53