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What does Chugiak mean?

What does the word Chugiak mean?

place of many places

“Chugiak” is said to have come from a Dena’ina Athabascan word meaning “place of many places“. Chugiak was first heavily settled in the 1950s, primarily by the homesteading by former military personnel who had served in Alaska during World War II.

What county is Chugiak?

Free printable PDF Map of Chugiak, Anchorage county.

What is the population of Chugiak Alaska?

Chugiak is a neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska with a population of 8,906.

Is Chugach a tribe?

Chugach /ˈtʃuːɡætʃ/, Chugach Sugpiaq or Chugachigmiut is the name of an Alaska Native people in the region of the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound on the southern coast of Alaska. The Chugach people are an Alutiiq (Pacific Eskimo) people who speak the Chugach dialect of the Alutiiq language.