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What happened to Larson boats?

In a recent letter to dealer partners, Rob Parmentier, president and CEO of Marquis-Larson Boat Group announced that the Larson Boat Group has been sold to Polaris Industries. “The sale of the company, means production will move and take place at another facility,” Parmentier said in the letter.

Are Larson’s a good boat?

Larson boats are known for being reliable and durable. Their high-quality single-hull construction allows for their expert craftsmanship to create a boat that rides smoothly. Well-maintained Larson boats can provide hundreds of hours of fun out on the water.

Is Larson a good brand?

Larson is a good “chevy” as far as sport boats go. There are boats that are better built as well as boats that worse built. They have this Delta -Conic hull. It kind of has a “step” in it that is supposed help it ride better.

Does Larson still make pontoons?

Larson FX, Rinker and Striper boat brands to be discontinued

announced it will focus its marine investments and growth efforts on its pontoon brands.

Who bought Rinker?

Rinker Group was acquired by CEMEX, the world’s third largest cement producer, through its subsidiary CEMEX Australia Pty Ltd. in a US$14.2 billion takeover bid.

Did Larson boats go out of business?

But today, considering market dynamics and the continued uncertainty around the sustained impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided not to move forward with investing the necessary resources to maintain and grow Rinker, Striper and Larson FX, and will discontinue production of those brands.”

Where are Larson boats manufactured?

All manufacturing of Larson, Triumph and Striper boats now takes place in Little Falls, where founder Paul Larson began making boats almost 100 years ago.

What company makes Rinker boats?


Polaris purchased the Larson FX and Striper brands in 2019 and the Rinker brand as a part of its Boat Holdings acquisition in 2018.

Does Rinker make a good boat?

Rinker’s overall quality of build is probably as good as most. But their amenities are probably more “middle of the road”. And concerning USED boats– the quality of the previous owner(s) is likely more important than who built the thing. A person who takes care of things can keep a turd shiny for decades.

Where are Rinkers made?

Popular Brands

That productive history, Rinker says on its website, makes it the oldest American boat brand in continuous production … with manufacturing still centered in Indiana. Today, Rinker focuses on its Captiva sportboat and Express Cruisers models.

Is Chaparral a good boat?

So, to answer the questions, yes, Chaparral boats are indeed good since they are durable, reliable, and technologically advanced.

Which is better Sea Ray or chaparral?

When you compare Sea Ray and Chaparral based on quality, selection, and price – it is clear Chaparral is the better choice. Not only do they have higher quality boats with more selection and innovative designs, but they are at a lower price point.

Is Four Winns still in business?

Today, Four Winns remains in Cadillac, but it is owned by the French boat company Groupe Beneteau.

Do Chaparral Boats hold their value?

Chaparral Boats seem to hold their value fairly well in terms of resale. They depreciate at pretty close to the standard rate, though they are a little better than average.

What kind of boat is a chaparral?

Chaparral Boats is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury, high-quality fiberglass boats and we’re excited to share some information about their newest 2020 models. They have several new models, including the latest of their famous SSX boats, the new SSi series, and the OSX models.

Which is better Sea Ray or Cobalt?

Sea Ray is more forward looking in styling and design. The Cobalt would be a good choice for a small water environment; the Sea Ray may handle better due to superior engineering. Sea Ray will be a higher demand boat and have better dealer service.

Why are Sea Ray boats so cheap?

In the early Sea Ray days of the 1970’s and 80’s, the boats were not particularly well-built compared to the same luxury-level models of similar size and style. But at the price point they were offered, it became a more affordable boating option to middle-class America.

Did Sea Ray go out of business?

June 26, 2018, Brunswick released that for the benefit of the overall company and Sea Ray, they will not sell the Sea Ray brand and focus their efforts on building the best sport boats and cruisers up to 40 feet. In doing so, Sea Ray will discontinue production of sport yacht and yacht models.

Why did Sea Ray stop making large boats?

It pulled out of the sales process because offers received “did not reflect appropriate value for the premium brand, and did not meet expectations,” the company said. A reinvented Sea Ray will complement the existing portfolio with a continued emphasis toward outboard propulsion, said Schwabero.

Is Sea Ray shutting down?

Brunswick also announced it will discontinue Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht models, resulting in the wind down of yacht production in the third quarter of 2018.

Who bought Searay boats?

Sea Ray Boats is an American manufacturer that produces recreational motorboats. It currently operates as part of the Brunswick Boat Group, a division of Brunswick Corporation.

Sea Ray.

Industry Boat building
Number of employees 1500
Parent Brunswick Boat Group

How long do Sea Ray boats last?

On average, with care and proper servicing, a marine gas I/O will make it about 1,500 hours. At this point it needs to be rebuilt. If you are using it 50 hours / year (national average) the boat is 30 years old and time to be put in the bone yard.

What happened to Meridian yachts?

Brunswick Corp. has ended the sales process for its Sea Ray and Meridian brands; it will continue production of the boats but will discontinue the yacht and sport yacht models. The company says it will revitalize the Sea Ray brand by capitalizing on growth opportunities in its sport boat and cruiser product categories.

Will Sea Ray build yachts again?

Sea Ray has announced they will be ceasing production of yachts to focus on their core business, boats.

Did Bayliner become Meridian?

Side Note: Bayliners had long suffered from the reputation of being “price” boats, and as Bayliner models grew to include yachts as large as 57 feet it was decided to form Meridian to market these products without the Bayliner name.