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What is a Casevac 9 line?

A nine-line CASEVAC request is a standard format used by the Armed Forces for coordinating the evacuation of casualties. CASEVAC request transmissions should be by the most direct communication means available to the medical unit controlling evacuation assets.

What does the term 9 line mean?

9 Line is a military term that Medevacs use for calling in a combat injury. Because it is such a stressful and sometimes hectic situation, 9 line is the best way to calmly and accurately report that a soldier needs medical attention.

How do I call a medevac 9 line?

What Is the Format of A 9 Line Medevac?

  1. Line 1: Location of pick-up site.
  2. Line 2: Radio frequency.
  3. Line 3: # of Patients by precedence.
  4. Line 4: Equipment.
  5. Line 5: Total # of patients.
  6. Line 6: Security at pick-up site.
  7. Line 7: Method of marking pick-up location.
  8. Line 8: Patient nationality.

What is the first line of a Casevac 9 Line *?

A 9 Line MEDEVAC Request is part of this “field triage” process–the “first-to-fly” patients are identified and given priority, the others are transported in order of need as described on the form.

How do you memorize 9 lines?

There are many clever ways to remember stuff from the Army’s study guide. “Low Flying Pilots Eat Tacos,” for example, is a great mnemonic for remembering the first 5 lines of your 9-line medevac. “Sergeant Major Eats Sugar Cookies” is a great one for trying to remember your operation orders.

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