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What is there to do near Legoland Florida?

What else is close to Legoland?

  • Windsor Castle.
  • St. George’s Chapel.
  • Windsor Great Park.
  • Theatre Royal Windsor.
  • Windsor & Eton Brewery.
  • LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.
  • Frogmore House.
  • Windsor Royal Station.
  • What other parks are near Legoland in Florida?

    The Best 10 Amusement Parks near LEGOLAND Florida Resort in Winter Haven, FL

    • LEGOLAND Florida Resort. 0.2 mi. 952 reviews. …
    • Mia’s Riding Adventure. 0.1 mi. Amusement Parks. …
    • Miniland. 0.3 mi. …
    • Lost Kingdom Adventure. 0.2 mi. …
    • Florida Cypress Gardens. 2.1 mi. …
    • The Dragon. 0.2 mi. …
    • Beetle Bounce. 0.2 mi. …
    • Pharaoh’s Revenge. 0.2 mi.

    How many days do you need to see Legoland in Florida?

    two days

    The LEGOLAND® Theme Park includes more 50 rides, shows & attractions, and we recommend a full day to explore. If you are planning on visiting our LEGOLAND Water Park as well, you may want to consider purchasing a second – day two Park ticket as both attractions will most likely take up two days.

    How far is Legoland Florida from the beach?

    70 miles

    The distance between Clearwater Beach (Land) and Legoland Florida is 70 miles.

    How far is LEGOLAND Beach Retreat from Legoland?

    LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is located approximately 1/2 of a mile to the Theme Park.

    How far is Legoland from Cocoa Beach?

    70 miles

    The distance between Cocoa Beach and Legoland Florida is 70 miles. The road distance is 101.8 miles.

    How far is Legoland from Clearwater Florida?

    75 miles

    Yes, the driving distance between Clearwater to Legoland Florida is 75 miles. It takes approximately 1h 27m to drive from Clearwater to Legoland Florida.

    Do you need a reservation for Legoland Florida?

    All guests are required to make advanced reservations to LEGOLAND® California Theme Park, this includes: All unused and expired Day Tickets (from during our closure period) Active Play Pass, Annual Pass, and Monthly Pay Memberships.

    Which LEGOLAND is the best?

    Our top three choices to visit would be LEGOLAND Billund because it is the birthplace of LEGO, plus LEGOLAND Windsor and LEGOLAND Florida as they offer the largest amount of attractions being the biggest two amusement parks by far. LEGOLAND Florida also has the added bonus of the waterpark.

    Can adults go to Legoland Florida without a child?

    All adults must be accompanied by a child (aged 17 and under) to visit the attraction (with the exception of Adult Fans of LEGO Nights).

    Are there rides at Legoland Florida?

    Here you’ll find a creative collection of LEGO®-inspired rides and attractions that promise fun for everyone, from the “pink knuckle” thrills of roller coasters such as The Dragon, The Great LEGO Race, Coastersaurus and Flying School to interactive adventures including LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure

    How many rides are there in Legoland Florida?


    LEGOLAND is built just for kids with more than 50 fun ride rides, interactive shows and brick-tastic attractions inspired by popular LEGO® brands!

    What age is best for Legoland?

    Best Age for LEGOLAND – 10 – 12 Years:
    Regardless of whether or not your family are hardcore LEGO fans, these attractions are sure to be a hit with the 10 – 12 year crowd.

    Is LEGOLAND worth it for a 4 year old?

    Yes, under 5s can have a lot of fun at Legoland, even if they can’t go on all of the rides. But the key is to plan ahead, so you can get the most out of your day.

    Can you go to LEGOLAND without a kid?

    If you’re an adult who loves LEGO, you don’t need a child to go to LEGOLAND. All you need is like-minded pals who will adore every giant minifigure, every brightly-coloured model, every brick of Miniland and think nothing of debating how many LEGOLAND-exclusive sets it’s acceptable to go home with.

    Is LEGOLAND worth it for a 3 year old?

    So, is LEGOLAND worth it with toddlers? Absolutely! Keep scrolling for my full LEGOLAND guide with toddlers or preschoolers. Find awesome LEGOLAND California deals here.

    Can babies go on rides at LEGOLAND?

    The main height restriction at the Park is 0.9m. If children are under this height, they will be unable to go on the ride, even with an adult, due to health and safety reasons. On some attractions, children under 1.3m or 1.1m will need to be accompanied by an adult.

    Can a 1 year old enjoy LEGOLAND?

    The answer is YES!!! LEGOLAND California is the perfect destination for families with younger kids including babies (kids under 3 are free). At first glance, you may think that your children are too young, but there is plenty to keep you and your little ones busy.

    What age is Peppa Pig World for?

    1 and 6

    What age is Peppa Pig World suitable for? Peppa Pig World is full of fun for tots between the ages of 1 and 6. But some rides do have a height restriction, for example, George’s Dinosaur Adventure where children must be a minimum of 85cm.

    Can a 2 year old go to Peppa Pig World?

    Yes, it is awesome for all ages! We went to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park recently. My two children aged 2 & 4 years old loved it. We saw children of all ages from newborn, crawling babies and little ones toddling about/ We also saw 4 large groups of school children around 10 years old whizzing about.

    Are the rides free in Peppa Pig World?

    Children under 1 metre are admitted free to the Park and there are 9 rides in Peppa Pig World including Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club where you can cruise along the water and discover Pirate Island.

    Can a 1 year old go to Peppa Pig World?

    We do advise that our rides in Peppa Pig World are suitable for children aged 1 year and above. Babies under 12 months must be attached to a responsible adult in a sling or front baby carrier to access the rides in Peppa Pig World.

    How tall is a 3 year old in meters?

    What is the average height of a child in the UK?

    Age: Average height boy: Average height girl:
    3 years 3ft 1.5in (95.2 cm) 3ft 1in (94 cm)
    3.5 years 3ft 2.9in (98.8 cm) 3ft 2.3in (97.2 cm)
    4 years 3ft 4.3in (102.3 cm) 3ft 3.5in (100.3 cm)
    5 years 3ft 7in (109.2 cm) 3ft 6.5in (107.9 cm)

    Can babies go on rides at Paultons Park?

    Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. A maximum of 4 people per boat. We do advise that the rides in Peppa Pig World are unsuitable for a child under 12 months old.