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Where was Mabo filmed?

Production. The film was written by Sue Smith, directed by Rachel Perkins and produced by Darren Dale and Miranda Dear, all of Blackfella Films, with the assistance of the ABC and SBS. It was filmed at Mer Island in the Torres Strait, Magnetic Island, Brisbane and Canberra.

Where is the film Mabo set in?

Though he died before his greatest victory was won, it has forever ensured his place – on Murray Island and in Australian history. Mabo-Life of an Island Man is a film about Eddie Koiki Mabo, the public and the private man.

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Is the Mabo film accurate?

Her latest work, Mabo, which premiered on at the Sydney Film Festival, is the true story of Eddie Mabo, the man behind the ground-breaking Mabo case that first established native title rights in Australian law.

When was the film Mabo set?

MABO traces Eddie’s life – from a carefree young man of seventeen, through his courtship and marriage to his one true love, up to his death and the handing down of the High Court decision on that historic day – 3rd June 1992.

Why was Eddie Mabo kicked off Murray Island?

On 2 February 1956 the Murray Islands Court found Mabo guilty of drinking alcohol and exiled him for one year in accordance with community by-laws. He worked aboard fishing vessels until 1957 and then as a cane cutter and railway fettler in Queensland.

When did Mabo Day start?

What happened on Mabo Day? On June 3, 1992, the High Court overturned the legal concept of “terra nullius” — that land claimed by white settlers belonged to no-one. The court ruled in favour of the Meriam people by a majority of six to one vote.